About The Department

The composition of the institution has as its element two basic groups for functioning: the Teaching and the Administrative groups. Both are equally important elements of the institute for framing and managing; and for implementation of the curriculum. T https://datingstatus.com/en/ he rapport the teachers establish with the students determines the nature of influence the teaching would have on the students.
The departments imply the number of subjects offered by the institution. So far, Sikkim Government College, Gyalshing has 15 departments. Qualified and sensible mentors are required by the students who are the main stakeholders of an educational institution; such mentors are expected to guide the students intellectually as well as in their personal lives. Teacher plays the role of a mentor, a hero, an idol, and teaching can be a very rewarding profession. A good teacher would make new innovative ways of teaching and learning practices, quality ensuring teacher are also expected to keep up with new updates on modern ways of teaching and learning methods.
An effective teacher upholds basic principles and values of self-respect as well as respecting the s https://datingstatus.com/fr/ tudents. No teachers should refrain from guiding and nurturing the students at any point of time during any circumstances.
They shuld focus on the all-round development of the student and also taking effective participation in courses like Refreshers’ courses and orientation programmes for enriching their knowledge so that the same could be refered back to the classroom In Sikkim Government College, Gaylshing there are 15 departments and each acts as a unit of learning centre contributing to shape the whole Institute, there is minimum of three faculty members for each department. The participation of these teachers in seminar, workshops and conferences helps to build the strength and character of the individuals which in turn shape the education system through self-enrichment programmes.
The faculty is aware of the curriculum and the faculty of each department stands qualified enough to handle classes and also to make the students intellectually sharp Immense participation of the teachers in the institute and various programmes help the teachers to become sharp and also to further sharpen the students intellectually, which would help them contribute actively to the society.