IQAC SGC Gyalshing established on 2014 as members are:
a. Dr. Rabindra Chettri (Principal of the College)

a. Sandhya Devi Thapa

a. Dhanraj Rai
b. Yashmin Bhandari
c. Tseten Uden Bhutia
d. Karma Loday Tamang
e. Binod Bhattarai

Vision Statement Of IQAC:

“To promote quality education through effective institutional administration all over India and to make higher education and quality education accessible for development of remote areas”

1. IQAC SGC, Gyalshing enhance the overall quality of Institution.
2. To make higher education accessible and also improve the quality of education through regular record keeping for self-evaluation and periodical assessment.
3. IQAC aims at enhancing community knowledge and to link it with the national assessment.
4. To cater the needs of the students as well as the teaching and administrative faculties through curricular and co-curricular activities.
5. To make provisions for all round development within the Institution through collaboration with other stakeholders of higher education.

Value Framework:
1. Foster national development.
2. Value the Easy accessibility of Higher Education in remote areas.
3. It is connecting education in rural areas to the national domain.
4. To enhance the quality of education in higher studies.
5. Focus on the overall development of the students.