College Profile

The name of Sikkim Government College, Gyalshing was inextricably associated with higher education for student of various remote areas of Sikkim and other adjoining States of Sikkim and abroad. Viewed in this light, this college in undivided state could hold a candle to higher education. Education plays a key role in shaping the minds of the individuals whereby contribution towards making the society we live in better. Education is a two-way communication process where not only the teachers but the students as well contribute to the teaching process. It is a process of self– enrichment which leads to the enrichment of the society. It is the most significant means that contributes to the development and progress of the nation.
When a holistic approach towards education is taken, it helps generate resources towards development within the nation itself. Education helps strengthen the body and mind and help build character and personality of the individuals. It caters to the needs of the individuals in order to fulfill the needs of the society for building better future for everyone. Sikkim Government College, Gyalshing (SGCG) since its establishment on 28th June, 2011 has upheld the principles of equality of education and equality of opportunities for both boys and girls. The institution believes in offering education for all to make growth and development inclusive. The institution strives for generating and imparting knowledge for empowering the young minds, especially of the deprived locations especially that of the West District.
The College is affiliated to Sikkim University established under the Parliament Act of 2007. It aims at imparting knowledge to students in subjects of Arts; courses in local languages like Lepcha, Bhutia, Nepali and Limboo are also offered in the curriculum. This helps generating knowledge about the local communities their culture, their tradition which makes them aware about the peaceful coexistence and harmonious living of the different communities in the state.
Recognizing the purpose of education as a mechanism for removing social evils, the college has taken up initiatives for forming different committees within the college which addresses social issues through cells like National Service Scheme (NSS), Red Ribbon Club (RRC), and Gender Sensitization Unit (GSU) creating awareness by sharing information through programmes not just confined to the college, but inclusive of people outside the college.
Having been established in the year 2011, so far there have been two batches of graduates. After graduating some students still stay actively involved with the institution as members of alumni. The College provides no segregation in terms of communities the students belong to. The institute is accommodative in character, as in the intake of the students is not limited, it tries to welcome as many enrolment as can be accommodated provided the candidate has the required minimum qualifying percentage of 45%.
The mission of the College has always been making quality higher education accessible to remote regions of the State, holistic education- providing proximity and convenience to students who are separated from the masses, so that they can be empowered intellectually so that they could become secure socially and economically.
The goal of Sikkim Government College, Gyalshing is to endow its learners with access to higher education through quality teaching-learning process which could help them to be empowered and independent. The motto of the College is “Gyana Vigyan Vimuktaye” (G.V.V). It is a Sanskrit axiom extracted from Upanishad. ‘Gyana’ means knowledge, ‘Vigyana’ is higher and purer form of knowledge and ‘Vimuktye’ is emancipation. So, these three lofty words means that knowledge (Gyana) leads to awareness; higher and purer form of knowledge (Vigyana) leads to emancipation (Vimuktye) from ignorance. The sole aim of knowledge is freedom from all the causes of ignorance of pain and suffering not only of an individual, community and society but for all living creatures.
Functioning under the State Government the education system is anticipated to be inclusive and reasonable, as such the state policies of free and fair education is rightly applicable on the institution. Free education is provided for local students and a reasonable amount is charged as fees from Non-Local candidates (student from outside the state of Sikkim).
The College strives at making a complete person out of the student so that they take up responsibilities towards their family, towards their society and towards themselves. They are taught and mentally trained to be a person of values and principles and uphold that wherever life may take them. Within the vicinity of the institution, students are provided access to health care facilities, access to clean drinking water, computer and technical support and internet facilities.
The College in its initial years of existence has had 100% pass percentage and have managed to secure admissions to higher education for students. Now from such a remote place, the graduated students have reached the Capital of India as well. The students have been enriched with the competitive spirit through proper teaching and guidance, and the institute has been successful in instilling confidence in them. The College aims and it strives and will not stop till education is spread far and wide and across communities in the West District of Sikkim.