The College Emblem

Gyana Vigyana Vimuktye:
GyanaVigyanaVimuktye is the motto of the college. It is a Sanskrit axiom extracted from Upanishad. ‘Gyana’ means knowledge, ‘Vigyana’ is higher and purer form of knowledge and ‘Vimuktye’ is emancipation. So, these three lofty words means that knowledge (Gyana) leads to awareness; higher and purer form of knowledge (Vigyana) leads to emancipation (Vimuktye) from ignorance. The sole aim of knowledge is freedom from all the causes of ignorance of pain and suffering not only of an individual, community and society but for all living creatures.

GyanaVigyanaVimuktye, the Emblem encompasses a blooming lotus and a radiant sun above it with the flaming sword on the top, placed at the background of a blue sky above and ocean below.

  1. The Lotus is a symbol of purity, where only wisdom is held.
  2. The sun signifies glory and brilliance and the sunshine is a symbol of the power of knowledge.
  3. The sword represents a celestial weapon that cuts confusion and illusion to invoke wisdom.
  4. Ocean is the symbol of institution and the blue colour of the sky symbolises a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization.